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Lia Marchi is an actress, director, researcher, teacher and producer.

She graduated in Social Communication at the Federal University of Paraná in 1997, but she had started her artistic activities in 1990.

Her encounters with music and, a little later, with the traditional music through the Fandango from Paraná, led to the Tocadores Project (a research initiative about popular musical traditions that she created and coordinates since 1998).

After there were other encounters: with literature and cinema, with songs and dance, classrooms.

Among her main publications are the books Tocadores – homem, terra, música e cordas and Tocadores Portugal – Brasil: sons em movimento, as well as the documentaries Tocadores – Brasil Central and Tocadores – Litoral Sul, Divino – folia, festa, tradição e fé, Dias de Reis – a história de uma companhia de Reis de Curitiba and Fandango – dança tradicional do Paraná.

At Olaria Projetos de Arte e Educação she is the Artistic Director and coordinates several projects.

Nowadays, she coordinates, in partnership with Professor Domingos Morais in Portugal, the project Arquivo das Danças do Alentejo – a research on traditional Portuguese dances.

She has also given lectures, workshops and has organized events about music and traditional cultures.



The Olaria Art and Education Projects was born in1999, inCuritiba, capital of the state ofParaná,Brazil.

Founded by Lia Marchi and Marinardes Marchi, the company has the purpose of developing artistic and educational projects.

Its practice is diversified, featuring specially activities related to the cultural heritage, the immaterial heritage, popular culture, musical education and cultural projects with social engagement.

At the Olaria headquarter, inCuritiba, there are also courses and regular classes.



I’ve never been much into technology. Or better: the obstacles of having to face yet another machine and its programming usually hindered me… especially when I considered the add all that to the daily agenda…

But in April 2010 I joined the blog-world.

At this date I received an invitation from the Portuguese association PédeXumbo for a new project, which had  the results published in an online research gateway, so I had to deal a little more with digital communication…

The research for the book Arquivo das danças do Alentejo, project which took me to Portugalseveral times since 2004, was the occasion to create my first blog! http://arquivodancasalentejo.wordpress.com/

And the results were better than I could imagine, this blog has been a field journal of my trips in this project, registering experiences, occasions for encounters and exchanges of ideas.

After a lot of requests by students asking me to update my agenda and to spread information about the courses, events and projects, I decided to make a new blog, this one. It is about my activities in general and particularly about the projects that we have been developing here at the Olaria.

Here I intent to register what we are doing, the courses that I’ve  been giving, and the news (ours and from friends…)

Let see how it goes…

Thank you for reading!



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